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European Parliament
LUX Prize Representing EU founding values through art


Each year, the European Parliament organizes the LUX Film Prize, which is all about celebrating this expression of European Cultural diversity through cinema as one of the most accessible art forms.

LUX Film Days - this roadshow-style festival is part of the LUX Prize and celebrates the 3 films competing in LUX Prize.

For 5 years in a row, VO Europe has contributed to the organization of the LUX prize. We acquired the necessary materials across Europe to ensure the successful completion of the event. This includes the acquisition of raw materials from the production companies; the creation of subtitles, the copying of digital materials (DCP, BluRay and Pro-RES formats), ensuring the distribution to the local screening locations in due time, the liaison with national distributors and the payment of the screening rights.

This is followed by a 2-week screening programme within the European Parliament’s premises to elect the Lux Prize winner mid-December.

Through the establishment of a cost-optimisation system, VO Europe achieved flexibility of the provided services and transparency of costs incurred, which in turn gave a free hand to include last minute opportunity-driven services and alternatives that yielded the client’s greatest satisfaction.